Our wish

To the world standard brand

It has been a long time since the Toyama brand was touted as “Japanese god medicine” in Asian countries centered on overseas Chinese.

In recent years, the growth speed of information and technology has been remarkable, and Asian countries are flooded with good products from Japan and overseas.

We are aware that from now on, we will learn from the wisdom of the world centered on Asia,

further refine product differentiation and quality control along with marketing that resonates with emerging countries in Asia including Japan,

and we aim to create products that are even more conscious of global standards.

May the world be healthy

As health concerns due to pandemics increase around the world, we will focus on developing products that can eliminate daily anxieties as much as possible.

It’s strange, and the human body has to spend time feeling uncomfortable with just one tip of the nail hurting.

We will offer overwhelming performance, high quality, and a satisfying price so that such various daily slight discomforts can be eliminated as much as possible and you can spend a healthier day.

We will endeavor to gain the support of each and every one of you in Japan and around the world.

Please, we look forward to your continued patronage.